About the project

LichtBlick and WWF:
accelerating the energy transition

LichtBlick and WWF are convinced that the rapid conversion from fossil-nuclear energies to renewables in the power, heat and mobility sectors is the key requirement for protecting the climate, a low-risk energy supply and increasing Germany’s competitiveness in the decades ahead. We want to join forces and move the energy transition forwards.


LichtBlick is a pioneer and innovator in the energy market. LichtBlick’s aim is for clean energy to be available at all times, everywhere and for everybody. LichtBlick is convinced that the energy future is decentralised, renewable and electrical. LichtBlick is the market leader in green electricity and green gas. LichtBlick is developing innovative products and services for the energy transition, such as SchwarmEnergie and the IT platform SchwarmDirigent.

Why a partnership between WWF and LichtBlick?

The energy transition is now entering a new and crucial phase. Up until now the focus has been on developing renewable energies. The task now is to integrate the constantly increasing proportion of renewable energies into a changing power system in a cost- and resource-efficient manner. Along with other pioneers, WWF and LichtBlick want to develop and accelerate this new phase in the energy transition. The strengths of our cooperation lie in our differing but complementary views of the energy transition. We unite the social and environmental view of WWF with LichtBlick’s market-oriented energy management perspective on the challenges ahead.

Megatrends in the global energy transition.

Megatrends in the global energy transition

For some time Germany has not been alone in pursuing the goals of the energy transition. Rather, our country is now part of a global movement which is trying to go beyond the fossil-nuclear age and establish a low-risk renewable energy system.

Megatrends Report

Our aims

To ensure or reinforce society’s acceptance of the energy transition.
During their first year of cooperation, WWF and LichtBlick will show how the energy transition is an unstoppable economic reality all over the world. One of the things we plan to do is to bring people, products and political ideas from different countries to Germany, to show that Germany is not alone and has inspired the energy transition throughout the world.

Spur on the political framework for the success of the energy transition.
As part of our cooperation with LichtBlick, we will develop and jointly support specific policy frameworks for a competitive energy transition market which favours innovation.

Introduce innovations and innovative products which move the energy transition forwards onto the market.
The future of the energy transition lies in the intelligent networking and control of decentralised power plants, storage and consumers, so that fluctuations in the generation of wind and solar power can be balanced, the networks stabilised and a secure energy supply guaranteed. WWF and LichtBlick both agree that this requires new solutions. LichtBlick is a pioneer in the energy market with the SchwarmEnergie concept. WWF and LichtBlick will also explore opportunities for developing joint products and will champion a further development of innovative LichtBlick products such as „Mieterstrom“ – electricity for tenants.

»The strengths of our cooperation lie in our differing but complementary views of the energy transition«

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